Debt!: A Shape Shifting Monster

I feel like should say debt comes in lots of forms. For lots of reasons. Medical emergencies, spending habits, recreation, sad heart feelings (:(), college, general poverty, the list goes on and on and on.

Debt looks different for everyone. I get that. This is my story of how we got free from OUR debt in OUR specific set of circumstances. While the Debt Monster looks different in every story and while the tools we have to tackle that monster are going to be different for everyone, I do believe there are some Universal Truths to be gleaned here.

One A:Getting out of debt is really about spending less than you make. That’s basically the magic formula. How it plays out in your life will look different than mine (though I believe if we all functioned at the same level of intensity, our bank account outgoes could really start to look similar.)

One: Jesus loves you. He loves you no matter what you do or what you’ve done. If you take on half a million dollars of selfish debt tomorrow morning, He’s going to love you just the same as if you sold everything you had and used the money to buy hungry people delicious burritos. Your financial debt doesn’t separate you from Him. If you DO feel separate from Him… tell him! Have a nice long chat. He wants to hear from you. You can’t say the wrong thing.

Two: I believe lots of Americans can get free of their debt. And I believe the Americans who are struggling with debt right now will probably doubt their abilities to get free from debt at least once on their journey out. We struggled a lot. All. The. Time. Because we were dumping twice what we were making and as far as we could tell, we were kind of the first of our demographic/friend group in our area to do what we had done. But Jesus met us. He totally met us. We stepped out in faith to pay off one thing, even though it “probably wouldn’t make a difference in the long run” and he blessed that for us over and over again. Then we’d step out to do another thing in faith. And He’d meet us again.

And He never magically just paid off our stuff. But He gave us more passion. More drive. More overtime opportunities. More favor with our bosses. He helped me with my caffeine addiction so I didn’t NEED coffee. More coupons on ground turkey. #It’sTheLittleThings

Talk to Him. He will help you. It’s not a magic finger snap. He’s not a magic Genie. He is madly in love with you and is going to shepherd you through this if you let Him. And you come out with more than just debt freedom. You’ll come out with Heart Freedom. #Better.

Our Debt Freedom Journey was as much or more about our relationship with Him as it was about our relationship with money. Dive in with Him. He will meet you.

Three: our journey is different than yours will be. Do it anyway. You are changing your kids’ lives. That’s worth all the lattes in the world. It’s worth all the Xboxes and all the car payments and all the Galaxy 7s or whatever.

You can do it!! 🙂



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