The Great Untangling

WELCOME! Welcome to my blog.

It sounds weird to me. My blog. (I’m sure you have a blog; I’m sure your mom has a blog. So to you, me having a blog is probably not fascinating or weird at all. But to me it’s crazy!! Because ten years ago, I was totally the blogging type! But I didn’t do it! I never started my blog! And so now that I did it it’s like.. I went back to school or I’m Chummy on Midwife learning to ride a bike. Or like I’m my 70+ year-old Old Man on the day he learned to text.) But this  is a big deal to me. I’m only 32 so I’m not too old but I’ve been out of the technological loop for like five years which these days, is really like two decades, and so the part where I have a blog is … rewinding me back to my college dorm room where I’m stirring my tea with a pen because I don’t have a spoon and I’m thinking to myself — ‘everyone these days has a blog; I too should have a blog!’ And here I am practically two Techno decades later — though really like only ten years later– and I’m doing it! Like I may as well be my Old Man learning to send a text! So to me it’s a big deal because one thing led to another — yada yada yada —  and I missed the blog bandwagon, but I’m jumping on now.

Please don’t tell me people have stopped blogging.

So this blog…

It’s got to be for me. Because I stay home with three kids all day. And it’s awesome and I wouldn’t trade it. But I’m a writer (did you catch all the parenthetical statements and hyphens and semi colons in that first ‘graph there!? Yes! I used to write) and writers need places to write or else they explode onto the people they talk to. Which was fine for me — messy for friends though — when I was holding down a 9 to 5 but now I’m not. So my brain… it hurts. So this blog…it’s really for me to untangle the mess in my head. Because too much goes in but nothing comes out! And it makes a person crazy.

So this place.. I plan on writing about some vague areas. One… is debt. How we had it, and now we don’t, and the big ideas and motives and challenges that came when we dumped it. And the rewards we reaped when we did. (It’s not really about debt though, really. Really, it’s about discipline, and denial, and living for the Thing that’s bigger than you are…see: Vague.). Two… is family because no matter which way you cut it, it’s part of everything but I’m realizing now that it’s really the big purpose *behind* everything. And three… is Jesus. Because He keeps getting in my head and my heart and compelling me to do things crazy. CRAZY I tell you!

So please be nice to me. I’m just writing this so my head will stop hurting and so I can untangle the tangles. 🙂

So.. read if you’d like. 🙂 I don’t really need internet friends. I just want to get the good stuff onto the screen. Maybe wondering if my untangling will help others untangle.





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