For Narnia!!

A while ago I said that the first step to getting out of debt is screaming “FOR NARNIAAAAA!!!!!!”

While I find that to be helpful, what I find to be more helpful is the attitude *behind* the screaming.

The best way to get out of debt is to change your behavior; i.e. stop doing the same things that got you *into* debt.

The best way to change behavior, though, is to get your heart changed. Jesus can do that for you!! How He did it for me was stirring passion inside of me and making me realize this is a battle He had already won on the Cross. (Spoiler Alert: That #win wasn’t just about sin. It was about total redemption to the way life and relationships were intended to be).

For me, the passion was a great realization that I was short changing myself. Once I realized we made enough money to fix a lot of people’s pain *if only* that money actually belonged to us instead of our creditors… then I started to get mad!

And that anger — I let it fester. Big time. I got SO FREAKING MAD at DEBT. I allowed myself to see that my debt was SUFFOCATING MY DREAMS. My debt was almost singlehandedly responsible for my inability to do the THINGS I HAD BEEN CREATED TO DO. Whether it be feed hungry people or buy coffee for a friend who needed a boost or take my kid to McDonalds when she had a bad day.

And when I let that feeling of anger and despair and general pissed-off-ness fester and grow and start to take over, the debt seemed smaller and the anger seemed bigger. It’s a Holy Discontent. It’s that thing that gets in your soul and says “THIS IS WRONG; DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FIX IT.” (That’s when Jesus comes in and whispers “actually, I already fixed this. Will you allow me to let the Victory play out in your life.”)

And I had enough anger one day to finally tackle the Monster and Gain back my Rightful Inheritance: the hope of Glory/Good Works that Had Been Prepared In Advance For me To Do/ et cetera. Christ had plans for me and that Horrendous Monster had robbed me of the ability to succeed at those plans!!!

That’s where screaming “FOR NARNIAAAA” Comes in. You can scream whatever you want as long as it’s awesome (and as long as you don’t pull a Michael Scott and scream “I declare Bankruptcy” …Please, don’t scream that.) But Scream your battle cry like you are absolutely insane. Maybe do this in your car with the windows up or do it with your spouse on the Night You Decide To Get Free and Take Back What Is Yours.

Or just do it in your head.

But scream something powerful that will make you feel like a warrior.  And then go get the Monster. Find accountability partners to help you and read books about doing this thing you’re about to do. But at the end of the day… Do it. Don’t pansy out.


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